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3 Lessons from Competitive Shooting


Listen to the Podcast Just a few things I’ve learned from competitive shooting over the years: If you want to get better, stop chasing the newest, latest, greatest. Find some gear that’s good enough, and stick with it. If you can afford the best gear, awesome, if you can’t, that’s fine too. Stop trying to do everything yourself. I’m super cheap, so in the beginning I tried to make all my own gear. I spent …

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Competitive Shooting is Making Me Better at Just About Everything


Way back when I used to ride mountain bikes in junior high school I just pushed my mountain bike down the trail, and never really learned how to do things better. I rode a lot, put a lot of miles on my bike, but I didn’t practice. Listen to the Podcast: I did the same thing when I first got really into shooting and competitive shooting. I’d just go to the range and shoot. When …

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Make IDPA Great Again


IDPA has a new provisional rulebook for 2017, and it includes a lot of changes that you should probably know about. Listen to the podcast The big things are: Pistol Caliber Carbine division 1 second per down Change in the box size and pistol weight for BUG and CCP Divisions New classifier http://traffic.libsyn.com/triangletactical/TTP209.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 34:24 — 31.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

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Let’s Have Some Fun


What makes competitive shooting matches fun? To me, it’s shooting challenges. Tight targets? Yes please No shoots? Sure Make me do something with my weak hand while shooting? Absolutely Awkward footing, strange positions, tight spaces? Sign me up Make me run 100y dragging a dummy before shooting? Meh. Basically, I like shooting challenges, because I’m there as a competitive shooter. I’m not a sprinter, so making me run 50y before shooting when it doesn’t add …

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You Can’t Ever Go Back


Ever met someone who wasn’t really into shooting, but more into just always having the coolest newest gun, and then all the sudden they’re not around anymore? Listen to the Podcast Recently I was listening to a couple different podcasts, The Joe Rogen Experience with Dan Bilzarian, and the recent Freakonomics podcast on Maintenence, and a common theme came up in both shows: The idea that once you have the best thing, you don’t get …

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When You’re Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Be Skeptical

Bag Open

It seems like any time someone who’s made a name for themselves on the internet opens their mouth and says that something is good, bad, or whatever, there’s an army of fanboys who jump on board and claim whatever this person has said as gospel without even taking the time to verify what they were told. It happens with both technique, and gear related issues, and I don’t think competitive shooters are any less susceptible …

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In 2016, Printing Doesn’t Matter Anymore


If you carry concealed, you’ve probably been concerned about printing (having the outline of your gun showing through your clothes) at at least one time or another. Now that we’re in 2016 and everyone and their brother has a giant cell phone on their hip, I don’t think printing matters anymore. Listen to the Podcast: I spent about 12 hours this past weekend watching the general public (I was doing something else while the general …

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Oh boy, there’s been some drama on the world practical shooting stage this past week. The IPSC European Handgun Championship was last week, and at the match, the IPSC council met and passed some resolutions that have USPSA Mike Foley releasing a press release you can find here. We don’t have anything specifically saying so, but it seems like these new rules are pointed at USPSA, because the organization began sanctioning USPSA matches in the …

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I’ve always really liked Cabela’s as a company, and I’ve noticed more and more lately that I like them even more. Saturday night my wife and I were driving home from somewhere, and we were listening to the big local Top 40 radio station (she had control of the radio, married guys know). They were playing the big syndicated national all-request house party type show that they play every Saturday night. A Cabelas ad came …

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A Lot of Things The Internet Tells You About Shooting Aren’t Important


The ‘Gunternet’ would have you believe that shooting is a pastime that has strict rules about all sorts of things. You must carry this gun, in this caliber, in this position, with this many spare magazines, and when you’re shooting that gun, you must hold it this way, stand this way, and wear these clothes. Fortunately, like a lot of things on the internet, a lot of this just isn’t factual. Here’s a few things …

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