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2 BUG Matches, IDPA, and a Girl Goes Bang – TTP – Ep. 20

Episode 20 – Shownotes

Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center BUG match

Ben and I both shot this match, had a great time. We both pushed each other to go faster and faster, which made for some interesting scores. (Ben ended up beating me) Boo Hiss…

If you are interested in the matches at the Wake Co. FETC, there are flyers at the range on the bulletin board with the info needed. The matches require pre-registration via email, so getting on the email list is needed. You must also have a valid range card for the range to shoot the competitions.

H2O Fowl Farms BUG Match

Saturday I shot the H2O Fowl Farms BUG match. There were several Triangle Tactical Podcast listeners on our squad, which was awesome, so thank for coming out guys! I hope you had a great time!

One new shooter on our squad had a pistol malfunction, and we found a pistol and ammo for him to finish the match. I believe he will be back for another match!


Ben and I both shot the PDHSC IDPA match on Saturday night, making Saturday a double header for me. This was the first time I’d done a double header, and it was a BLAST! I ended up winning SSP at the match (and I beat Ben), so it was a good night. We shot 6 stages indoors, and all of them were challenging in their own way. Lots or transition from far targets to near targets, which can be challenging in a competitive environment.

Legal Update:

NC House Bill 17 was stripped of the restaurant carry provision this past week. It has been suspected that this was the working of House Speaker Thom Tillis, but he has not yet responded to my email, so were not 100% sure.

Mr. Tillis has been advertising a new website, http://ncpriorities.com/. At the bottom of the page, there is a link that says “If you were elected to the North Carolina…” If you click this link, it will take you to Mr. Tillis’ Poll on what kind of legislation you want passed. Feel free to write in on the “other” section something like “Pro 2A Legislation”, “Restaurant Carry” or something of the like.


Bill 1224 was signed into law, and it looks like Magpul will be leaving the state. This legislation isn’t about reducing crime, if it was, the legislators wouldn’t have put an exemption in the law allowing Magpul to continue to produce PMAGS in state, and sell them in other states.

Federal Level:

Harry Reid has basically scrapped Diane Feinsteins Assault Weapons Ban. This is not a time to celebrate, because we have not won anything. We’ve essentially been kicked in the teeth, and told that we will only be punched in the mouth from here on out. That is not winning.

Keep calling, keep writing letters, keep sending emails. Do not allow any legislation for registration, universal background checks, or anything else pass.  Stay vigilant!

Tip of The Week:

Draw, then move. It’s almost never a good idea in a match to move to a position, then draw the pistol. Ben goes into detail about why this is the case.

Plug of the Week:

This week, we plugged Sadie at GirlGoesBang.com. Sadie has a lot of good articles about getting into competitive shooting, and her journey in competitive shooting. Check her site out at www.girlgoesbang.com.


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About Lucas

Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. Wow, my first plug. Thanks! I’m newer to blogging than I am to shooting so I really appreciate the feedback. I rarely get comments so I wasn’t sure anyone was reading but a few close friends.

    I met Ben once at an IDPA match at PDHSC last year. I’m sure you don’t remember. I’ve shot several matches with Ben (different squads) this year. I’ll be sure to say hello the next time we cross paths. Also, thanks for the event calendar. One of my goals this year is to try new venues and you have to find them before you can plan to show up.

    To prove I listened to the podcast: Sorry you missed out on the baloney sandwiches! More seriously, thanks for the encouragement to new shooters.

    As for drawing before moving, I have that down. The RSO at my last match had to remind me to take that first step:

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