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Law of Self Defense – Ep.51

Law of Self Defense

We talk about Andrew Branca‘s book “Law of Self Defense”. Mr Branca was nice enough to send Ben and I a copy of his book to review, and both of us were pretty impressed with it. He does a good job going through the process of things that are put in place after a self defense shooting, from the arrest, to the pre-trial stuff, to the trial, and beyond, and I’ll be honest I was expecting a pretty dry, boring read. I was very surprised to find that it was a light read, but packed with TONS of good information. It’s a hefty book, and I think I got through it in only 3 sittings.

What I found really helpful about the Law of Self Defense book was at the end of each chapter, Branca adds in state specific information which points you to the relevant statutes, and case law in your area. He’s also writing some state specific supplements to the book (I hope NC is coming soon… hint hint…) which go into more detail about the specific laws for each state.

It’s definitely worth the money, and something that you will use as a reference guide, and you will want to read it more than once. (I’m getting it back from Ben asap to read a second time…)

Listener Feedback:

Listener Zack writes in, and asks us about dry fire practice, and how to train when he can’t get a lot of range time. We dive into some things that he should check out in order to practice effectively:

Chris also wrote in, and asked about certifications for doing more at a competitive shooting match than just volunteering. Generally you don’t need a certification to run a timer, but it’s a good thing to have. Most people who step up to become a range officer, or safety officer are experienced shooters, and each of the big games has their own certification system for their game. Usually once a year or so there is a USPSA and an IDPA certification class.


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  1. Hey Luke,

    Thanks for the nice review of “The Law of Self Defense”, it’s very much appreciated.

    If any of your readers have any questions about the book they should feel free to ask me directly. I do my best to return all emails within a day or two.

    Also, folks might be interested in taking a look at the Law of Self Defense blog, over at http://www.lawofselfdefense.com, where I put up interesting self-defense law related posts several times a week.

    Finally, we also run LOSD Seminars all around the country. In the last couple of months we’ve done them in OH, VA, and FL, and over the next few weeks we’re doing them in Columbia, SC (10/19), Atlanta, GA (11/16), and Epping, NH (11/24 (at the Sig Sauer Academy, where I’m a Guest Instructor). Details on all of those are also at the Law of Self Defense website.

    Thanks again guys, and keep in touch.


    Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

  2. Awesome. Picked up a copy of the book and got a phone call from Springfield saying my XD-S should be here on Tuesday.

    Hope you get yours back soon!

    • Hope you enjoy the book, nowthatsamatt. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me via my blog, http://www.lawofselfdefense.com. Also, don’t forget that every statute, court case, jury instruction in the book is available in full-text at that same web site, using the search function. My goal is to enable people to confirm the law of self-defense for themselves by having access to original sources of that law, and not merely rely on the statements of some Yankee lawyer. 🙂

      –Andrew, @LawSelfdefense

    • Tuesday! I hope mine comes back soon…
      You will really like the book.

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