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Bobs Back! – Ep.54

You may remember Bob from Episode 30. Back then he was a new shooter, so since I was getting married this week Ben had him back on to talk about how he has progressed as a shooter over the past several months. They talk new guns, Apex trigger kits, gun shows, concealed carry, and more!

The News!

ATI (American Tactical Imports) is packing up and leaving the facist north east, and heading to South Carolina.

San Fransisco, CA passes a confiscatory ban on 10+ round magazines. No grandfathering, no “pre-ban” mags, nothing. Citizens have 90 days to get their magazines out of the city, destroy them, or render them inoperable or they will be guilty of a crime.

Just a reminder, the Morrisville, NC mayoral election is Tuesday 11/5/2013. If you are in Morrisille, or know someone who is, make sure votes get placed for anyone but Jackie Holcombe. She’s a Mayors Against Illegal Guns shill, and needs to go.

Plug Of The Week:

K&L Gun Sales in Sanford, NC, is a new gun store that is run by the same guy as Carolina Firearms Training.

Listener Feedback:

From Bob (in reference to Episode 43 “Everyday Knives”) What about knives with features like strap cutters and glass breakers? Why do they always come with a combo edge?

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