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Check Your Local Knife Laws – Ep.55

As concealed carriers, we’re spoiled in many states when it comes to concealed carry and firearms laws. As it turns out, there’s a lot of local ordinances that dictate what and where knives can be carried. Ben waded through a bunch of the local knife laws here in the Triangle, and as it turns out, we both may be guilty of carrying either a knife that was too big, or in a prohibited place.

The folks over at Handgunlaw.us have a nice .pdf for knife laws here.

If you are in the Triangle area, you can familiarize yourself with Raleigh’s knife laws here.

The News!

We dive into the Guns & Ammo/Dick Metcalf anti-gun controversy. My opinion is that they published the article looking to be a little controversial, and then after the anti-gun groups began to use this as ammo against guns. At this point, I believe the higher-ups at Guns & Ammo felt they had to do something to keep the antis from using it as ammo against guns. We then went on a short diatribe on RECOIL magazine, skeet shooting fudds, and why we don’t compromise.

There’s a massive 2 person boycott taking place of Harris Teeter grocery stores here in NC. An old lady saw someone open carrying at Harris Teeter, and now wants them to post all of their stores against carry. Whats interesting about this is that back in 2010 Harris Teeter DID post their stores, and after a successful campaign from GRNC and NC concealed carriers, they decided to take the signs down. The best part of the story? There aren’t any other grocery store chains in NC that are posted…

We also talked for a couple of minutes about the Morrisville, NC Mayoral election where voters gave Mayor Against Illegal Guns Jackie Holcombe the boot.

Plug Of The Week:

Green Beret ProAm. I know this is really late notice, but if you can make it down to Range 37PSR on Monday 11/11/2013 and show your support for the Green Beret Foundation. I went to the event last year, and I’ll just say this: Hooters girls, paratroopers, machine guns, and binary explosives. You shouldn’t miss it. Here’s the post I did on last years event (with pics…).

Tip Of The Week:

This is the time of year to get involved in competitive shooting. The competitive part of the shooting season is over, so things are a lot more laid back right now. If you are interested, get out and do it.


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