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SHOT Show – Good, Bad, and Ugly – 65

There were a few really good things introduced at SHOT show, some not so great things, and some just strange things.

The Good:

The Bad:

The Ugly:

The News! (What you missed while following all the SHOT Show news last week)

Florida CCW Permit holder accosted by police in Maryland for having a permit. No gun present.

  • The takeaway from this is to keep your mouth shut.

There is a Constitutional Carry bill working it’s way through the SC legislature. According to the Palmetto Gun Rights Facebook Page, the bill originated in the House, was sent to the Senate where some technical changes were made, and is back in the House. It’s on the agenda for TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 2014. If you are in SC, call your legislators on Monday and leave voicemails, and call and email again on Tuesday to try and get this bill pushed forward. This has the potential to be a HUGE win for y’all!

Ruger announced that they will stop selling semiautomatic handguns in California due to the microstamping law. What’s interesting about this is that Ben did about 2 hours of research before we recorded the episode, and we can’t find how this will effect their pistol models that are already on the California approved list, yet they are ceasing sales of them anyways.

There’s a new anti-gun meme that you might begin to hear and that’s the term “ghost guns”. A California state senator had a pretty awesome clip where he talks about the “30 magazine clip” and “30 caliber clip” in an AR-15 that can fire 30 bullets in a 1/2 second. All this to tell you that California is attempting to ban home built firearms since they aren’t serialized, hence the term “ghost guns”.

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