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Pocket 9mm Shootout – 68

Today we went to the Wake County Firearms Education and Training center to do a pocket 9mm shootout using a S&W Shield 9mm, XDs 9mm, and a Walther PPS 9mm. The folks at LuckyGunner.com were nice enough to send us a bunch of ammo to test out, and Linoge from Wallsofthecity.com let us borrow his Walther PPS for the test. Sean from NCGunBlog.com handled the ammo stuff, and I brought my Shield and XDs 9mms. We chose these pistols because they are relatively the same size, and they all have triggers that are very similar to a standard service pistol, which is very popular these days.

Ammo shot:

  • Federal Hi-Shok 9mm JHP 150rds
  • Remington Golden Sabre 75rds
  • PMC Bronze 115gr FMJ 150rds
  • Federal Champion 115gr FMJ 100rds

Huge ‘Thank You’ to the folks at LuckyGunner.com for sending us the ammo for this test!

Here’s Sean’s full write-up on the shoot.

Bottom line: XDs was the winner, and I think the PPS and Shield tied for second place.


Wilmington, NC man pretends to be drunk when he finds intruders in his home. They apparently don’t pay him any attention and he’s able to get his gun safe open and then get the intruders out of his house using the gun. How do you pull this off? I don’t know, but it’s awesome.

Grand Jury won’t indict man who shot a police officer during a no knock warrant. Police didn’t knock, and the homeowner says that he thought he was being burglarized and opened fire.

“This was a terrible tragedy that a deputy sheriff was killed, but Hank Magee believed that he and his pregnant girlfriend were being robbed,” DeGuerin (The mans attorney) said in an interview Thursday.

Rand Paul has been pushing for some reform regarding guns in post offices. Currently we can’t carry on post office grounds, or in the buildings, and he’s trying to change that. Unfortunately it looks like his amendment got shot down, and the Senate is going with another bill that will at least allow for guns in the parking lot. I wonder if this is in response to a court ruling on guns in post office parking lots.

Tip of the Week:

We told Sean that if he wanted to come on the podcast again that he had to come up with the tip segment. Sean’s tip was to never shoot up all of your ammo at the range, and he tells a great story about what happened to his father in Los Angeles in 1965.


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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. This episode was very well done and to my mind provides a model that you might consider for your content going forward: 1) fun engaging conversation recounting your shared experience on the range 2) good structured analysis following a rubric that all can follow and learn from 3) the addition of a third-party guest to keep the conversation fresh, informed, and challenging.

    I carry a Beretta Nano and just love it for so many reasons that your discussion uncovered: 1) it’s snag-free – has so few controls – and is so comfortable it just makes me want to carry it 2) although the gun is light, the slide is heavy, is a pleasure to shoot and produces great groups with no strain on the shooter both with the 6 and 8 round magazines – again making it a gun you want to carry 3) it has a sheer coolness factor that makes you like the gun, train with the gun, and want to carry it – all good things to drive reliability and dependability when you need them.

    The structure of your conversation was so good – I’m only sorry that you didn’t round up a few more guns in the “pocket 9s” category from your friends and carry them through the same discipline. You did a great job and your listeners will benefit from more of this approach.

    • Thanks for the comment! We’re always looking to improve the podcast, and we have some interviews coming down the pike for the not so distant future. Stay tuned!

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