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BATFE Gone Wild! – 77

In this episode we talk about several things that the BATFE has done to make news recently. There’s actually a lot more than we initially thought, and while we were putting together the show, we kept finding more. Specifically, we talk about the following:

The News:

Ares Defense is releasing a new rifle for ban states with a traditional buttstock. Previously we haven’t seen buttstocks like this on AR pattern rifles because there needs to be a buffer tube for the buffer and bolt carrier to travel into when the rifle cycles. The folks at Ares Defense seem to have taken and idea for a bolt design from semi-automatic shotguns which works nicely with the traditional buttstock design. I think it’s actually good looking, and with a 20rd mag, and a short 300BLK upper receiver, it could be a slick truck gun.

A Wake Forest, NC man was kidnapped from his home, and later taken to Atlanta, GA where he was being held for ransom. He was rescued by the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, and it sounds like it all stems from his daughter being a Wake County Assistant DA who prosecuted a gang member.

Winston-Salem held their second gun “buy-back” in the past few months. Turns out they ran out of money before the event even started, and then wouldn’t allow the law abiding gun owners who arrived to purchase any guns either, because they didn’t have a “solicitation permit”… seems a little shady…

Plug of the Week:

Once again we plugged Andrew Branca’s book Law of Self Defense. You seriously need to go buy it.

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