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Reloading Reloaded – 78

After spending a lot of time reading and consulting with trusted friends this week I came up with a load for my first 9mm reloads. I loaded 10 of them, and was planning on leaving it at that until I had a chance to shoot them. I mentioned it to Ben, and he said “Well, load 60 more and come shoot the match on Monday”, So I did. Tonight I went and shot the WCFETC Action Pistol match with 100 untested rounds. I didn’t know if they would shoot, or explode, or what, but as it turned out, they were just fine. In the episode we talk about some of the things that I ran into while loading the first 100 rounds.

The News:

Michael Bloomberg launches “Everytown for Gun Safety” (no link). It’s his new group to try and take on the NRA (you know, because it’s the NRA that’s the problem…)

A man in Belmont, NC fired shots at two men who robbed him of a diamond ring in the WalMart parking lot. Apparently he was selling them the $2,000 diamond ring on Craigslist, and when they met, the two men gained control of the ring, and took off running. While they were running away, the man fired shots at them. Don’t be this guy…

Drake Landing in Harnet County, NC is continuing their legal battle to stay open. They have been for some time the ONLY open to the public outdoor rifle range in the Triangle, but this week announced that they would be closing the rifle range. I hope their appeal goes through, and they are able to re-open the rifle range soon.

Plug of the Week:

This week we plugged Episode 87 of the ProArms Podcast. This episode has an audio clip from a man named Spencer Newcomer who was involved in a defensive shooting. He talks about what happened leading up to, during, and after the shooting. It’s a good lesson in how even when you do what you think is right, it can have a long lasting effect on your life. Go listen, you’ll like it.

Tip of the Week:

Ben talks about how to choose which side of cover to shoot around first if you are given a choice in a course of fire. If you are right handed, it makes sense to go left first, then right, and vice versa for lefty’s. He explains it better in the episode than I can explain at 2:00AM in text. Go listen.

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