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Candy Sugarman of the Gun Powder Gals

This week on the podcast I had the chance to sit down with Candy Sugarman of the Gun Powder Gals. Candy is doing some great things for women in the shooting community right here in Eastern NC. Candy got her start shooting by going to the NRA Women’s Wilderness Escape, and after getting home she got home she started looking for a group of women to shoot with, and after not being able to find anything, she started the Gun Powder Gals.

Her goals with the Gun Powder Gals is to make sure that women are prepared, and able to protect themselves should they be put in a situation where they need to use a gun. Candy and I talk about some of the reasons why women tend to shy away from the shooting sports, and what she is doing in order to get more women involved.

The Gun Powder Gals have been holding women’s only IDPA matches, 2-Gun clinics, range days, and a lot more for women interested in shooting in the area. In 2015 she is looking to hold a women’s concealed carry fashion show to show off some of the concealed carry options for women.

Tip of the Week:

Before you shoot, make sure that you have the correct ammo for your gun. I found a handful of these on the range today, and had to shake my head…

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