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Photoshopped Glocks and Training vs. Practice – 125

At the top of the show we talk a bit about USPSA and our practice regimen. I mentioned a couple of Instagram videos on the Triangle Tactical Instagram page where I FUBAR a reload in a drill, and some video of the “Drill of the Week” from last week. Find them all here.

Main Topic:

I was inspired to talk about this topic after listening to the latest episode of the PARAcast podcast with Tom from the GunDudes. I’d recommend you go have a listen to it in addition to this episode. He’s got iTunes and RSS feed links here on his website.

Anyways, we talk about the difference between Training and Practice, and why you should practice more than you train. It seems that there are a lot of people in the firearms community who love to go get training classes from experts, but they don’t really practice all that much. If we think about athletes, lets say someone like a basketball player, you would think they were odd if they were going to training camps all the time, and never practicing with a ball and the hoop in their driveway. For some reason though, when it comes to firearms it’s generally accepted as the opposite, lots of people train more than they practice, and they really shouldn’t.

Photoshopped Glocks

Here are the links to all of my “Photo Forensics” posts about the new Glock:

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Andrew Branca’s NC Specific ‘Law of Self Defense’ Seminar

As mentioned in the show, Andrew Branca who we interviewed in Episode 86, is going to be teaching a NC specific Law of Self Defense seminar in Raleigh on May 3rd, 2015. It’s $99 right now (I think the price goes up in a few weeks) and you can save $10 at checkout with the code triangle.

Sign up here. 

Dry Fire Drill of the Week:

6 Reload 6

For this drill you need 3, 1/3 scale dryfire targets and a couple magazines loaded with dummy rounds.

Stand 7 feet from the targets, and on the buzzer draw and fire 2 “shots” at each target, perform a reload, and fire 2 shots at each target.

We both like this drill because you can really mix things up to keep it interesting. You can start hands relaxed at your sides, or with your wrists above shoulders, and you can add in a turn and draw every now and then as well. As you get better with turn and draws, you may find that you can turn and draw just about as fast as you can just draw. It’s a good drill.

As we mention in the episode, take a video of yourself running the drill of the week and tag us (@triangletactical) on Instagram in the description.



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