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Anti-Competition Competitors – 130

This week we have a bit of a rant, where we talk a bit about people who shoot competition, who are anti-competition. We’re not slamming the people that are just there to have a good time, but rather the folks who brag about not practicing, or rag on the people who do practice and want to get better.


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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. USPSA and IDPA are both GAMES with different rules and agendas. As for the IDPA people, I shoot IDPA with a G34 in a blade tech holster, blade tech double magazine pouch, a wilderness tactical belt, plus the “photographer’s vest”. I don’t think you could catch me wearing that get up any place but the range. For CCW a carry a G20 in an IWB holster and 1 magazine in back pocket

  2. While we’re ranting, I feel compelled to point out that in this podcast (which was great, BTW), you guys used the phrase “fishing vest” approximately a bazillion times.

    Sadly, every time you say “fishing vest,” an adorable little Glock 26 dies.

    Look, *real* fishing vests are cut pretty short; you don’t want the gear in the pockets to get wet when you’re wading in deeper water.

    If a vest is long enough to conceal a handgun in an OWB holster, then it’s probably better described as a safari vest or utility vest or Vogelwannabe vest or whatever.

    You know how gun people feel when a reporter calls a magazine a clip or identifies a Remington 870 as an assault weapon? Now you know how fishermen feel.

  3. Thanks. Glock 26s can rest easier.

    After years of IDPA, steel and my local club’s outlaw matches, I finally shot a USPSA match. Astonishingly, no skirmish between pro-IDPA and pro-USPSA forces broke out. Kinda boring.

  4. Listening to Podcast 130, discussing gear. I drive Time Trials and the comparisons to the shooting world and it are very similar. When starting out everyone wants to add the latest and greatest parts and never learn the art of driving or the dynamics of their car. They just add stuff to the car to make it, not them, faster. They don’t learn the skills they need to make them better…smooth is fast, fast is smooth. When you put time into the driver, and then add that new piece of go fast gear, you begin to realize how one piece of equipment can change how the car responds to it. Spend the money on making the Driver/Shooter better, and worry about gear later. In the end, that new exhaust or trigger is going to help when the car starts to spin or the gun jams, the skills in my toolbox will. Keep up the good work guys, being informative and entertaining.

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