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Everytown for Listener Feedback – 134

We’ve received so much awesome listener feedback this week that we couldn’t help but make an episode out of it.

Gear that Doesn’t Suck

Kershaw Skyline – Ben’s summer knife. Thin, lightweight, and pretty good. It’s not a top of the line knife, but it get’s the job done. He took the clip off his and it just rides in the bottom of his pocket.

The News:

Last week we talked about the Garland, TX shooting, where at the time the news said that the bad guys with rifles were taken down by a single officer with his duty pistol. Now it’s coming out that the officer engaged the jihadis, but was quickly backed up by the local swat team that was on site for the event.

Everytown has begun running a bunch of ads on TV here in NC against HB562 where they make it sound like it will eliminate all background checks for handgun sales in the state. More here.

Plug of the Week:

A recent episode of Ballistic Radio with Claude Werner as the guest. They talk about a lot of stuff regarding mindset, practice, and standards. We both liked it.


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