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How Do I Stress Importance of Dryfire to New Shooters – 7

Zeb emails in to [email protected] with his question:

First let me say that I enjoy listening regularly and I have been listening regularly ever since meeting Ben at the USPSA Nationals last fall.

As the MD for my local USPSA club I’m frequently talking with new shooters. How do you express to new shooters the importance/value of dryfire? From listening it seems that y’all started out with Steve Andersons dryfire program but seem to have recently been discussing Ben Stoeger’s dryfire program more frequently. Having used both which program and or class would you recommend for a new shooter?

Good job and keep it up



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  1. I didn’t dry fire until recently. I had to get frustrated enough with my results to accept the fact that I needed to practice more often. Since I can’t go to the range daily, or afford enough ammo to live fire daily, dry fire is the fastest, most cost effective way to improvement.

    Work on the things that don’t require live fire so that you can focus on the things that do require live fire when you can get to the range.

    I agree that the student has to be ready. It may have taken me longer than others, but I’ve gotten there.

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