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What is this, Castle Wolfenstein? – 135

This week we wrap up a bunch of news stories that have been occupying our time over the last week.

The Supreme Court rules that felons don’t immediately lose ownership of their guns upon conviction. They can find someone else to take custody of them and sell them, etc.

The concealed carry law in Washington DC had a key provision struck down by Federal Judge Scullin. The part of the law that said applicants for a concealed carry permit must have a just cause for requesting the permit is what he went after, saying that is unconstitutional.

USPSA Grand Master turned Louisiana State Representative Blake Miguez is working on an actual gun safety bill in the state. It’s passed the LA state house so far.

PoliceOne posts a really derpy article about competitive shooting. “The reason being they aren’t realistic and cause the shooter to form extremely bad habits that can get them killed on the street.” Yawn.

The Boy Scouts of America ban squirt guns (Auto-play ads in the link). Listen, if your Boy Scout troop is organizing squirt gun fights, you should find a better troop that’s actually teaching your son to be a good citizen. I was a Tiger Cub, earned my Arrow of Light, and eventually Eagle Scout and I can’t say we ever played with squirt guns. It’s a non-issue.

A Mississippi man was approached by two criminals with guns, and forced to drive them to an ATM to get cash. Afterwards, the victim was able to get access to his own pistol and fatally wound one of the criminals, and the other is on the loose. Word on the street is that the victim in this case is a USPSA competitor who was on his way to the Mississippi Classic USPSA match that morning. Bad guys had a failure in their victim selection process.

Gear that Doesn’t Suck:

We get a lot of questions about where to get started in dryfire. I think one of the best places to get going (you may outgrow it eventually) is Steve Anderson’s Refinement and Repetition. It’s got some good, simple drills that work. I still find myself working out of it quite a bit. It’s a great starting point.

Refinement and Repetition, Dry-fire Drills for Dramatic Improvement

Dry Fire Drill of the Week:

In honor of Blake Miguez in the news section above, this week’s drill is the Blake Drill. Here’s Angry Matt explaining it:


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  1. Came across a fun little App yesterday. Definitely not its intended purpose, but it works well for dry-fire practice. App is called “Badminton Footwork Trainer”. It will generate random numbers and announce them at your desired intervals. For example, I numbered 6 paper plates 1-6 and taped to my garage. Set the App to randomly announce a number between 1 and 6 every 3 seconds. Gives you a chance to draw, line up the sights, re-holster, and then repeat. There may be an App dedicated to this that is for dry-fire but I haven’t come across it yet. Let me know what you think!

  2. That badminton footwork trainer was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for posting it!

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