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Is Reloading 9mm Worth It? – 17

Joshua sends a message to the Triangle Tactical Facebook Page with his question about reloading:

Love the show. I’ve got a couple of questions to submit for the daily Q&A.

  1. How much per round does it cost you to reload 9mm. I’m not talking about the initial purchase of equipment, but the $/rd. And is it worth it compared to the .27 a round found at box stores?
  2. I’m looking at upgrading the sights on my Ruger Sr9c. There are limited options compared to Glock or M&P. What are your thoughts about the xs big dot or standard dot sight? Or could I just put a trijicon tritium front and leave my blacked out stock rears since they are already adjustable?


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  1. My used brass, powder, primer and 124gr. LRNBB = 13 cents/round. Some of the brass has been reloaded 4 or 5 times. About 20 cents/round if I used FMJ or HP.

    • I recalculated.
      Blue Boy LRNBB are $80/1000, 8 cents each.
      CCI500 SPP (Bass Pro) $40/1000, 4 cents each. (Ripoff)
      Any old pistol powder at Bass is $32/pound (average) or .45 cents/grain at 4gr. per load (average, depend on powder) is call it 2 cents.
      14 cents a round.
      Blue Boy used to be $70/1000 but the price went up at my LGS.

      • I find plated bullets cheaper than lead in 9mm. Check out X-Treme web site especially because I shoot Glocks and other handguns with hexagonal rifling.

      • Have you considered trying coated bullets? Our sponsor The Blue Bullets makes great stuff. They ship flat rate and are the cheapest I’ve seen other than shooting bare lead. Save 6% with the code triangle, too.

  2. For 9mm I use copper plated bullets from xtremebullets.com that run around 9 cents. The primers cost about 3 cents and powder will run about 2 cents. So that’s 0.14 – 0.15 per round total. The key is sourcing the primers and powder at a decent price, avoiding hazmat fees or buying large quantities so the hazmat fee is spread over more product.

  3. I cast my own boolits. Cost me a penny each. 3 cents per primer and titegroup is cheap(another penny or so). So about 5 cents a round before brass. Brass runs $40ish per k or less if you look. Figure I lose a chunk of it and get a handful of reloads from each piece I keep up with. So figure another 1-2 cents per round realistically. Total cost is about 7 cents a pill…

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