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Can You Explain What Exactly Dryfire Is?

Welcome back to episode 56 of the Triangle Tactical Q&A Show! Today’s question comes in from Tom in Raleigh (but not THAT Tom in Raleigh, or the other Tom in Raleigh, a completely different Tom in Raleigh). He sent his question to [email protected]

Hi Guys –

Thanks for answering my last question.   Hearing you read my rambling on air proves I shouldn’t write an email straight out of my head.  My letter writing skills are bad.

I was wondering if you could discuss what ‘dryfire’ drills are in an upcoming episode?   What are you doing?  what do you look for while doing it?   How does it help you improve?   I have numerous trigger handling problems being only 18 months into handgun shooting (and guns in general) and looking for what I can do to improve my skills and break old ‘light gun video game’ habits.

Also if there is anything worth reading and/or recommended videos to help teach would be cool.  I have the Brian Enos book and just started reading it.


Book recommendations:


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Carry on

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