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We’re Just Grumpy – 149

This week on the podcast, Ben and I let loose about a few things that have been driving us nuts. Don’t get mad.

The News

Wal-mart stopped selling AR-15’s recently, and a bunch of people got their panties in a wad about it. It’s a business decision, and it’s not a big deal. Ask any gun store how AR’s are selling right now, and you’ll understand why they clearanced them out.

Regal Cinemas announced a new policy that they will begin searching bags brought into their cinemas, and even more people got their panties in a wad crying “Mah RIGHTS!” when in reality, this decision has nothing to do with your 4th amendment rights. Nothing. The 4th amendment protects you from illegal search and seizure from the Government, but not private businesses that you choose to interact with. Don’t like it? Go somewhere else.

Gear That Doesn’t Suck

Do you reload? If you do, you probably should have a chronograph. Ben bought this one a while back, and it just works. It’s not fancy, it doesn’t do a bunch of math for you or anything, but it’s relatively inexpensive, and it works well.




Plug of the Week

The 3-Gun Show recently interviewed Jerry Miculek and it was a good show about mindset and shooting. Check it out, you’ll like it.


About Lucas

Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. Squad 6, day 1…was your best squad…you know it! Come on…you know its true!

    This match (the GA State USPSA Championship) was the totally awesome. Thanks for running a great stage!

    I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was so refreshing in shooting with a bunch of different guys at a totally different range

    I would recommend this match to anyone and I will definitely go back next year!

  2. Great podcast. Your comments about vacuous gear reviews hit home — blogging has not decreased the number of industry pets who never met a product they couldn’t rave about.

    The shooting industry has always suffered from this problem (some of the TV shows are little more than thinly disguised infomercials), and the flood of “independent” bloggers aren’t — for the most part — doing much better.

    I once spoke to a fly fishing manufacturer at a dealer show who declined to provide me with a new product for review, saying “We love your blog, but we never know what you’re going to write.”

    That’s sorta the point to a review.

    Also, kudos for the Miculek love. He’s a lot more than some naturally gifted hayseed. He’s a focused guy who appears to be always learning.

    I remember seeing the video clip Ben spoke about — where Miculek talked about reinventing himself as a shooter several times. (Interestingly, he was talking about seeing less of the sights and more of the target)

    Great stuff.

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