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Will My Skills Deteriorate When I Can’t Shoot Much?

Welcome back to episode 68 of the Triangle Tactical Q&A Show. Today’s email comes in from John in Alabama. If you have a question for us, shoot an email to [email protected] or go to triangletactical.net/voicemail to send us a voicemail.

Hey Ben and Luke,

I was just hired as a teacher and a football and wrestling coach. I’m afraid I will have no time to shoot IDPA, USPSA, and 3 gun matches after school starts, much less have time to dry fire as I’m also working on a masters degree.

I know my match performance will deteriorate from now until next summer due to all of my time constraints preventing me from practicing. My question is this: as I will have free time in the summer, would you suggest hitting Refinement and Repetition hard and supplement that with a weekly range trip in addition to a few matches per month after school ends?

As a coach I hate seeing athletes not progress their skills from season to season, and I’m afraid that will happen with my shooting skills.

John in Alabama

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