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Why Does Everything New Come Out for Glocks First? – 161

We’ve been noticing a trend lately that all the cool new stuff on the market seems to be coming out for Glock pistols before it comes out for anything else.

  • Raven Concealment Eidolon
  • Magpul pistol magazines
  • The Gadget
  • Most extended magazine basepads
  • Everybody and their brother makes connectors for Glocks, but hardly anybody makes connectors for the SR9

This week we discuss why we think this happens. It’s not because Glocks are the best, so all you fanboi’s can calm down.

The Blue Bullets

Some awesome news from our sponsor The Blue Bullets. They’re having a 15% off Black Friday deal. Use the code “bluetriangle” at checkout to get 15% off your order from 11/27/15 (Black Friday)-11/30/15 (Cyber Monday). The deal doesn’t stack with any other offers, but it’s the best deal we’ve ever seen from them.

Also, they’ve got a new 9mm bullet out that was announced this week. It’s a 135gr truncated cone that should be a great competition bullet. I’ll probably grab a batch of them with my next order, you should too.

The News

WRAL will be airing some sort of thing this Monday about a loophole that allows someone to legally obtain a NFA weapon without a background check. We’re pretty sure it’s going to be about gun trusts, and as long as they are factual about it, I don’t really have a problem with it.

Gear That Doesn’t Suck

Ben talks about his Kershaw Select Fire knife. It’s a handy multi-tool knife that also has a bit driver and 4 bits for turning screws and such. When we recorded the episode, it was $25 on Amazon, but as I’m writing the shownotes, it’s $10.99. Seriously cheap, and a decent knife to chuck in your glovebox or range bag.

Did I mention it has a bottle opener?

Q&A Show

Listen, we’re running short on voicemails for the Q&A podcast. We literally only have 1 voicemail for next weeks show, so if you want more Q&A episodes, you’ve got to send in some voicemails.



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  1. The reason the new products come out for Glocks has more to do with the market than anything else. Yes, the interoperability you mentioned plays a role, but it’s ultimately because of the characteristics of the market:
    1) Glock sells a lot of guns
    2) Glock sells because they’re not too expensive
    3) Glock helps keep the price down by using pretty basic parts (e.g. crappy sights)

    High sales
    + a product ripe for upgrade
    Opportunity for suppliers

  2. Wow, an Office reference from Ben (an exceptional one at that). Like a Vulcan at the end of his seven-year cycle, I think Ben’s got another one of his baffling-yet-entertaining solo podcast performances building up inside him.

    The shooting may not be ready for it, but I know I am.

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