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The Urban Carry Holster – 163

You’ve probably seen the videos online for the Urban Carry holster. It’s the little pouch holster that you put your gun in, and then it all drops inside your pants. When it’s time to draw the pistol, you undo a little magnetic flap with your weak hand, and pull up, which pulls the pistol up where you can grab it with your strong hand.

Ben was really interested in one of these, so we ordered up one for his Springfield XDs that he’s been reviewing for about a month now.


It’s the most comfortable holster he’s ever used, hands down.

It’s also well made. The leather seems to be of good quality, the stitching is nice, and and it’s stamped with the Urban Carry logo on the back.


Three cons with the Urban Carry that Ben found:

    • Something about the holster and XDs combination in the Appendix position worn on a guy makes Ben (and me when I tried the holster) look like you’re… happy to see everyone.

Ben is that an Urban Carry or are you glad to see me? It’s just an Urban Carry. #bonerholster #underreview

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  • The next issue that the Urban Carry holster has a little pouch sewn onto the back of the holster that’s supposed to be for carrying your concealed carry permit in. This is a terrible idea. Invision this scenario: “Yes officer, I have a permit for my gun, it’s right here” and then reaches for the gun without even thinking about it. At best, you’ll make the police officer really nervous, and worst, who knows.
  • The last issue Ben had with the holster was that sometimes on the draw stroke, the butt of the pistol would get stuck under his belt, and then when he would try to draw the pistol by pulling up on the flap it wouldn’t come up. This would require him to then stick a thumb down under his belt to release the tension, and then he could draw the pistol. Is it a deal breaker for a deep cover holster? That’s up to you, but it can definitely slow down the draw unexpectedly.

Final word on the Urban Carry holster:

Ben think’s it sits on the spectrum of carry somewhere between his INCOG, and off body carry. It’s not super fast and reliable, but it’s better than having your gun in a bag that may or may not be near you.

The News:

No big articles this week, but we talk over the narrative that’s being pushed by the media (and the President) that we need to keep people who are on the terrorist watch list from buying guns. There’s a big problem with this: There is no due process for someone to get put on the terrorist watch list, so if getting put on the list then denies them a constitutionally protected right, that’s a problem.

Gear That Doesn’t Suck

Ben bought some of these stupid cheap tweezers on Amazon for fiddling with his reloading press. They’re cheap, and surprisingly convenient for getting rocks out of his casefeeder, picking up primers, etc.

Listener Feedback:

This is awesome! I’d really like to know how we came up in the conversation, but yeah, awesome. Thanks guys!

Plug of the Week:

Are you a Redditor? If so, you should be checking out Ben’s Monday Morning Match Recap threads on the r/CompetitionShooting subreddit. The subreddit is pretty great in and of itself, but Ben’s Monday morning thread is something I check out every Monday. Check it out.


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    Last week an Office Space reference. This week it’s time to “Party on, Ben.”

    Ben’s tour of the prior century’s pop standards continues.

    Thanks for the update on Ben’s trip through the Dillonverse. Been wondering how that was working, especially as I’ve been giving some thought to making a similar jump next year.

    Then again, with two young daughters, I’m still unlikely to shoot enough to outpace the Lee (which experiences almost zero fiddle time).

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