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Why Can’t I Use a 9mm Conversion Barrel in my G22 for Production Division

Mike in Denton, TX sends in today’s Q&A question:

Hey guys,
Just want to start out by saying that I love the show, you guys are very entertaining and informative even for a guy who hasn’t shot his first IDPA or USPSA match…. yet.
I have been shooting 3 gun and some outlaw USPSAish pistol and rifle competitions for about a year now at a local club. I am using a Gen 3 Glock 22 police trade in that I bought many years ago with a 9mm lone wolf conversion barrel in it.
I want to give USPSA a try and my question is why can’t I use this pistol in Production division? A Glock 22 and 17 are essentially the same gun size and weight wise. I do not see how changing my 22 into a 9mm puts me ahead of the guy next to me shooting a 17.
From what I can tell you can change the sights, trigger, and put griptape on your gun and it is still considered legal for production (correct me if I’m wrong here). What’s the big deal with changing the caliber is the gun is the same size?
Thanks for your time guys I really appreciate it,
Mike from Denton, Tx


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  1. I believe the outside diameter of the .40 and 9mm barrels are the same. It is at least for the M&P. I can drop a 9 pro barrel in a 40 pro and it will run. Provided I use the 9 pro mags. So there is no weight advantage by using a 9mm barrel in a .40. It should be the same weight as a 9 of same configuration. No one would know unless they inspected the slide and barrel markings. Another interesting configuration would be .40 and 357sig. Smith sold the M&P with both barrels at one time. Would that be legal? Admittedly 357sig would not be practical for production 🙂

    Thanks for the podcast!

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