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Federal Getting in on the Polymer Coated Bullet Bandwagon

This is interesting, and I think overdue. I’ve been shooting coated Blue Bullets for a couple years now, and they really don’t have a downside over using plated or FMJ bullets. Really interesting to see a big dog ammo manufacturer getting in on this.


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  1. But $1 more a box than plated ammo? Seems backwards.

    That video is as good an example of any of someone posting what amounts to an infomercial for a company. The annual Shot Show flood of “independent” infomercials is just beginning.

  2. Technically, Federal got in on the polymer-coated projectile market when they bought the rights to the Nyclad patent from S&W back in the mid-1980s. This sounds like Nyclad with a red coating instead of blue, plus the use of a lead-free primer.

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