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Boy howdy, gun owners in the Triangle area are eating their own this week. Triangle Shooting Academy opened last Friday, and instead of seeing the opportunity that comes along with having a new shooting range in the area, a lot of folks are hung up on one thing that I don’t really think is that big of a deal.


Above is the graphic posted on the front door at Triangle Shooting Academy. I’ve seen posts on Facebook and several forums with people grumbling about “MAH RIGHTS!” 

Here’s the thing: The Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center has the exact same rule, and I’ve never, ever, heard anyone complain about it.


Another shooting range in Raleigh, Eagle1 has listed as the very first rule on their range forms the following (.pdf):

1. ABSOLUTELY NO LOADED FIREARM WILL BE ALLOWED TO ENTER OR EXIT THE FIRING RANGE FACILITY. All firearms not on the firing line must be unloaded with their action open and the magazine removed, or unloaded and encased. (Exception: Sworn Law Enforcement).

So again, similar rule, and nobody complains about it.

So, of the 4 indoor shooting ranges in the area, 3 of them have the restriction of not being allowed to carry a loaded gun into the range.


Why would a gun store/shooting range have a rule like this? As far as I can tell, there might be a couple things at play here, but the biggest is insurance.

Insurance companies are fickle beasts, and they can specify that something needs to happen or they simply won’t insure you. Lets face it, when someone invests millions to build a state of the art range, they want to protect their investment so they’re at the mercy of their insurance company.

Some People Are Never Happy

I’ve just come to the conclusion that some folks can’t see the forest through the trees. We have a new, beautiful shooting range that’s in a great location, with state of the art technology, and air filtration, and somehow this is bad for gun owners because they won’t allow you to carry your loaded gun from the front doors to the shooting range 50′ away?

Get over yourselves.

Stop trying to find fault in everything, and go shoot. The opening of TSA is a huge opportunity for gun culture and the shooting sports in the area. It’s clean and friendly, and less intimidating for new folks wanting to get into shooting. It’s a good thing for all of us, even if you decide not to shoot there.

Cry me a river.

About Lucas

Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. If you believe everyone should be allowed to carry guns then you should also believe everyone can safely do so. How can you argue gun rights then have a shooting range have a sign saying that guns are so inherently dangerous that you can’t carry them loaded into the building?

    • Because you can’t just tell the insurance company to go screw off.

      • Something I thought of was what happens in gun stores a lot? People handle guns. Handling firearms presents more risk of a ND. This is just another step in securing a safe environment. I’ve got no issues with waiting to “gas it up” at the range.

      • Lucas, if this is an insurance company requirement then having the sign read “Our Insurance requires….” would alleviate a lot of the perception issues. Auto repair facilities post this type of sign all the time about why you can’t be in the garage while they are working on cars. People understand this, and this is why I do not believe this is based on insurance requirements.

      • So you really think that someone invested millions of dollars in opening a shooting range with state of the art equipment, classrooms to train people, and a cafe so gun owners can hang out and doesn’t believe that people should be able to carry? Nah, I’m not buying it. I’ve only met Bill once, but I didn’t get that vibe at all.

    • Work in a gun store or shooting range for 2 weeks and get back to me.

      Ever work in retail? Remember how stupid your customers were? Now give those people guns.

  2. If you have ever worked at a gun store/ range you would understand why signs like these get put up.

    A large minority of customers do not understand that it is NEVER acceptable to draw your loaded carry gun in the store, except for in a self defense situation.

    No you can not show the gun counter guy your new carry gun, no you can not try your loaded gun in the holsters for sale. No you can not get an appraisal on your carry gun.
    If people could understand that your carry gun DOES NOT COME OUT OF THE HOLSTER while in the store you would not need signs like this.

  3. I manage an indoor range in Northern Utah, and I also find no problem with this. It would be dishonest if I didn’t say that many people who come and use our range to shoot have, in my opinion, a substandard safety mindset and habits. With a gun range, having even a single accident is a major issue, both with insurance, lawsuits, reputation, etc. With as many people coming in and shooting, over the course of years being in business if you are not going to hold a strict level of safety, you are almost guaranteeing an accident happening. I agree 100% that people do not need to get up in arms about things like this. I suppose I can understand that beneath the surface people are sick and tired of having to deal with red tape and ignorant laws, and perhaps this frustration is manifest in an uproar about a gun range. It still makes no sense, and I hope that over time calmer heads prevail in the gun community overall.

  4. maybe changing the wording with the same meaning would help who knows.

    you and your UNLOADED firearm are welcome here. If it is loaded, do not come in until it is clear and safe.

    Thanks for your cooperation your safety and everyone else’s depends on these rules.

    Thank you

  5. Maybe they could put a clearing barrel outside like 37 PSR has.

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