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USPSA Level 1 Range Officer Course

This weekend I had the opportunity to take the USPSA Level 1 Range Officer course, and I’m really glad I did. I didn’t feel like there was anything mindblowing in the class, but I was probably one of the people in the class with the most experience as a Range Officer, so a lot of it was review, but it was good to hear everything officially official.

I think if you’re a USPSA shooter, you would be benefited greatly by taking the class if there’s one in your area. I was a little disappointed that the class here in Raleigh wasn’t even full when there were so many people who said they wanted the class.

Gear that Doesn’t Suck

At the RO class, I found myself on the range wearing sunglasses instead of safety glasses. This isn’t bueno, so I’m going to be ordering a couple more pairs of these tinted safety glasses to keep handy.

As we learned from Andrew Tuhoy here, the cheap stuff isn’t as good as the expensive stuff, but the cheap stuff is still way better than sunglasses.

Plug of the Week:

Cabelas is doing some cool stuff with this “Aim Small, Win Big” sweepstakes they have going on. Basically, it’s like an old school postal match, but it uses social media instead. Basically, you print off their target, go have fun with it at the range, and then post a picture of you with it on Instagram.

This is the proper way to promote the gun culture. I couldn’t be happier with Cabelas for doing this. Bravo.


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  1. Now that I’m shooting my carry gun in IDPA (mostly), I decided not to keep dropping and stepping on my stock Glock carry mags. So I bought three of the (no-doubt) highly-sought-after, California-legal 10-round ETS mags for my Glock 19.

    I had one incident (early on) when the follower went a little sideways when the mag was fully loaded, but after the springs relaxed, I haven’t had any issues.

    And since I’m shooting CCP, it’s really, really nice to confirm eight rounds in the magazine with just a glance. So far I’m a happy camper.

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