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Houston Gun Store Robbery

Holy crap, this is nuts. If you assume there was one person in the truck, I count 10 people total. In daylight.

Also, if you look how they go into the place, it seems like they all know exactly where they’re going, so they had to have scoped the place out beforehand.

Also, what’s the deal with gun stores not locking up all their guns overnight in a safe? I thought that was that was commonplace?

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  1. I don’t think it’s that commonplace to lock them up at night. Some do have giant safes, however. Maybe they don’t want to spend ten minutes in the morning to mess with firearms and cabinets and price tags etc.

  2. Pretty audacious to do that in the day. I can’t tell. Could be night. I’ll google…

  3. Usually with bars on the doors and windows that’s enough.

    • Dang impressive cameras for 4:30am.

      • this is/was the Carter’s Country at wilcrest and HWY-59 (I recognize the lion mount by the door), Carter’s are the “big boys” of Houston gun-shops (3 locations, each at least the size of the store shown here). this location isn’t exactly in a great area, until very recently it’s next door neighbor was a methadone clinic… they don’t play as far a security gear.

        Also it has been 2 years or less since another high profile store, located about 2 miles from this location, was victim of an attempted robbery by a crew backing a ryder van into the rear of the place. and in that case the HPD refused to respond to the alarm b/c the business was 2 days late with their yearly fee!!
        so I imagine that corporate level folks for Carter’s may have upped the ante as far as internal security equipment decisions, upon being shown the local PD doesn’t really care….

        Personally, having been in that shop almost weekly between 2000 and early 2015, I’m surprised that it took this long for someone to gather the stones and the “bright ideas” to do this.

  4. Could be motion sensor lights at night, came on when the perps entered.
    And very nice HD Security Cameras.
    Ten times better than what Wally World uses.

    • Yeah, could be. I will say that I did retail loss prevention for 10 years and some of the newer camera stores are getting are truly impressive. Like, read your license plate from 500y impressive.

  5. That would have been better if they’d played Yakety Sax under the video (the Benny Hill theme).

  6. as to the locking everything up at night comment in the OP. Many stores with larger inventories will choose to make “the store itself” the locked storage for the guns. those barred windows and doors, concrete pylons in front of said doors, alarm linked to local PD, etc. are considered to make the store “the vault” for the purposes of the display guns. back stock may or may not be behind further lockup.

    If you think every big box outdoor store out there esp the ones with hundreds of display guns are moving all of those guns in and out of a storage vault at each end of the business day, you’re funny!!

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