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Lies New Shooters Tell Themselves

I love the Facebook “On This Day” app, because it’s cool to see things I’ve posted over the years, and sometimes I find a gem that makes me laugh at my own bullcrap.


Perfectly acceptable holster that I made. It worked well, and I think I still have it around the house somewhere. At this point I had been shooting competitively for about 6 or 7 months and I thought I was the hot dog. The only thing holding me back from match wins was my gear, because you know, the winners at local IDPA matches never shoot sooped-up Glock 17’s… derp.

I clicked to read the comments on the above picture and found this:


“Wasn’t fast enough.”

Lol. C’mon Luke, let’s be honest, at this point you didn’t own a shot timer, didn’t practice, and didn’t have a clue what a fast draw even was. You still shot using that awful weaver stance, and thought 3-dot night sights were relevant for competition.

By the way, this ultra fast, ultra tactical flat dark earth holster? It lead to my only dropped gun ever at an IDPA match a couple weeks later. “Good retention” my foot.

It’s okay to be new

If you’re new, be new. Tell people you’re new, and soak up the information that will inevitably be dumped on you. If you’re a guy, we all know you were born being able to shoot guns, drive a stick shift, and woo women, but if you want to excel you’ve got to put the ego away and just be new for a little while.

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