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Starched IDPA Vests

Does starching your IDPA vest to the point that it’s so stiff it will stand up on its own really help draw speed?

Has anyone put this on the timer to actually confirm, or is it just one of those things that someone did once and everyone else started following suit?

I’m not a starcher. I’ve never felt the need, as my vest flings way out of the way as part of my draw stroke and I don’t really even notice it.

Vest has swung well out of my way, and I'm on the gun ready to draw.
Gun is drawn, vest has fallen back down. No big whoop.

I have a really stiff Carhartt jacket that I wear to work, and I have to say, I feel like having a stiff garment would actually slow things down because it won’t just fling out of the way like a regular jacket/vest would.

I don’t care if you rock a starched vest or not (although it does make you look a little more silly than the other silly looking folks on the range) but if you do it, do you have an actual reason for doing it?

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  1. Don’t own a vest, but stiffer clothing helps a little when the wind is blowing in on your gun side. I shot an IDPA match just wearing flannel, which was fine and reasonably subversive — until later, when it got a little windy and the soft flannel wanted to wrap around my hand.

    Grabbed my soft-shell jacket out of the car, and it didn’t wrap around my hand at all. Clearly a Giant Win For Humanity.

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