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Ben’s Last Episode

I sent Ben a message on Monday to ask if there was anything that he wanted to talk about on his last podcast episode, and he just told me he’d think about it. Fast forward to Saturday evening when we recorded this episode and he had the shownotes written for this episode to talk about all of the things that he’s changed his mind on since he joined the podcast way back (over 3 years ago). The thing that’s coolest to me about this topic is that it’s probably the most brutally honest hour of podcast you’ll ever listen to.

Some of the things he’s changed his mind on:

  • Classifiers
  • Gamer gear
  • Outlaw matches
  • Just because “nobody uses it” doesn’t mean it sucks
  • You don’t need to be accomplished to help people

The News

There’s going to be a free seminar in Chapel Hill, NC about ATF 41F and how it effects gun trusts on April 4th. I don’t know really much about who is putting it on or anything, I just got the tweet below about it and figured I’d pass it along.

In Michigan there’s a bill proposed to create an active shooter alert system not dissimilar from the Amber Alert system. I don’t think I’m opposed to it, but it doesn’t really seem necessary to me.

Plug of the Week

The Firearm Blog is KILLING IT with their YouTube channel recently. They seem be be getting a little more edgy than normal and adding in some humor that I don’t normally see in their blog posts. It’s just really good, so check it out.

Last Word

I just need to take a second to thank Ben for all the Sunday afternoons over the last 3 years recording the podcasts. The thing that listeners probably don’t notice is that making the podcast is a HUGE time commitment. For every hour of audio that we publish, we spend 4 hours prepping, and editing. When there’s an hour and a half or more of podcast that comes out every week, that makes a large time commitment. I can’t do anything but say Thank You to Ben for getting on board and spending all these Sunday afternoons and evenings on Skype with me making the internet audio magic that’s been the last 3 years of the podcast.

As Ben mentioned in the show, if you’d like to follow what he’s up to, he created an athlete page on Facebook where he’ll be posting his YouTube videos, etc. Go follow him there.


About Lucas

Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. I haz a sad.

  2. Wow. It’s like when Pangea broke up to form separate continents. Like when the Beatles broke up. Like when . . . OK, I’m out of breakup stuff. I remember meeting you guys for a beer when I did my first NC seminar, oofah, two years ago? Three? Anyway, looking forward to following Triangle Tactical in its new post-B form. Great luck to both of you. 🙂

    –Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

  3. So long Ben. Always appreciated the bullshit-and-posturing-free nature of the TT podcast — and your contribution to that.

    Couple years ago I quit writing a popular blog. It was nice not having that time commitment having over my head. (The hard part is that nobody really gives a shit about what you say anymore.)

    Good luck with the GM thing.

  4. I’ve got a few flecks of tightgroup in my eye…just a second.

    Hopefully whatever it is in life that is getting you to step away finds you successful and happy Ben.

  5. I feel like I just got broken up with too. Damn dude, you’re gonna be missed on the podcast. It was really awesome watching you progress from c class scrub to M class wizard over the years. best of luck in your future endeavors, make sure to do some guest appearances on the show to update us on your progress.

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