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What trigger mods do you make to your competition gun?

Jon in Florida sends in today’s Q&A voicemail asking 2 things:

  • Do I ever dryfire my Glock 34 without shoving cardboard in the breech to deaden the trigger? (See video explanation here)
  • What mods have I done to the trigger in my competition Glock 34?

To answer the first question: yes, but not a lot on the timer.

As far as trigger modifications, I haven’t done a lot. A extra power trigger spring, and now a 3.5lb connector, and that’s it. I don’t really think either of those things really made a whole lot of difference, but I was too lazy to take the gun back apart and take the parts back out.

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  1. I shot the stock G34 trigger until I started loading Winchester primers (which were supposed to be softer than my CCI primers).

    In a fit of retail psychosis, I tumbled for a reduced-power striker spring, a lighter connector and a skeletonized, high-speed-low-drag striker.

    The trigger was a teensy bit lighter. But it wasn’t really any better, and I wasn’t any faster, and then I started getting light strikes on my apparently-not-soft-enough Win primers.

    In a moment of sanity, I asked myself “WWBVD?” (What Would Bob Vogel Do?) and restored the full-power striker spring (I was too lazy to take the other stuff out).

    It works again, which makes me happy, and I’m left to get better the old fashioned way.

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