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How do I vet a defensive shooting instructor?

Tyler in NC sends in today’s Q&A voicemail asking about how to vet a good defensive shooting instructor.

Here’s the things I’d look for:

  • Do they use objective standards in their training? (Use of shot timers is a big thing here)
  • Do they enforce minimum standards for accuracy? Not hitting the target doesn’t win competitions or gunfights, so teaching students to be as accurate as possible should be a big part of their training philosophy. If they tout things like “combat accuracy”, I’d look somewhere else for your training.
  • What’s their background? Do they have the fact that they use to be a cop/military/special forces plastered all over their website? None of these things are bad, but they’re not things that necessarily make someone a good shooter or instructor. A good instructor may be one or more of these things, or they may not be any of them.
  • Do they encourage competition? Instructors that poo-poo on competitive shooting, and try to only get you to drink their brand of kool-aid aren’t the kind of instructor I’d recommend.
  • Check their reputation online. Your local shooting web-forums and facebook groups are fantastic resources for things like this.

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