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Do I Have a Bad Batch of Primers?

Tom in Ferguson sends in today’s Q&A voicemail question asking about a batch of MagTech primers that he has. He’s getting inconsistent ignition from this batch of small pistol primers in his Glock 34.

My suggestion is to have a good look at the striker in his pistol, and if he’s using a reduced power striker spring, it could be having trouble hitting this particular primers hard enough to make them go off. Also, make sure the primers are getting seated properly when loading them. If they’re even just a little bit high, they can cause some problems because the primer can actually move when struck by the striker, which soaks up a little energy. I’ve seen it happen before.


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  1. One of my shooting buddies has exactly the same issue — Magtech primers sometimes not going off. We just started troubleshooting them.

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