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DI-Why? Reloading Press LED Light Strip

I’m always on the lookout for cool things relating to shooting that I can DIY and save a chunk of money. Sometimes it works out, but sometimes it doesn’t really.

wp-1459554568803.jpgOne thing that I’ve always found troublesome was getting adequate lighting under the turret of my reloading press. I’ve tried all sorts of things and finally came up with the brilliant idea of making an LED light strip. I headed over to Amazon and ordered up a big roll of LED light strip stuff, a power supply, wire, connectors, and a controller to regulate the power to the LEDs. All told it was about $25.

I put it all together and Viola! it works!

The trouble is, I didn’t do my research beforehand, and as it turns out Hornady makes an LED light strip not dissimilar from the one I made (which is probably better, because I got antsy with mine and just kind of threw it together), and Hornady’s model is only $14.

And you don’t have to wait for parts to ship from China.

And you don’t have to put it together.

DIY is fun, but sometimes it’s just not worth it.


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  1. I use a gooseneck halogen desk lamp. Bought at GoodWill for a few bucks.

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