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If I Were King of the Shooting Sports…

If I were king of the shooting sports, I’d make some changes, across the board. I’d like to see the the shooting sports grow, and I think the best way to do that is to reach out to people who already own guns by hitting them up a gun shows and things like that.

Almost all of the shooting sports could do a better job of making it easier for someone to find out exactly what they need to get started. I checked the IDPA, USPSA, 3 Gun Nation, and National Skeet Shooting Association websites looking for some sort of tutorial (like what I have written here) and none of them really had an actual primer article, however 3 Gun Nation did have a good section of videos on their site that give a good overview of the game.

Plug of the Week

I saw IDPA posting about this either on Facebook or Instagram the other day, and I thought it was pretty cool. It’s a charity called “Aiming for Zero” that’s designed to get competitive shooters to donate to causes around veteran suicide. Folks are setting up teams and making donations to the charity based on their number of points down at the match. Below is an example I pulled off of their site:


IDPA Tier 1 – Tier 3 Matches:

PD (Points Down) x $.10
PE (Procedural Errors) x $.30
HNT (Hits on Non Threats) x $.50
FTN (Failure To Neutralize) x $.50
USPSA Level I – Level 3 Matches:

Bravos   x $.20
Charlies x $.20
Deltas   x $.40
PE (Procedural Errors) x $1.00
NS (No Shoot) x $1.00

I think this is pretty awesome. If you’re interested, check them out at AimingForZero.org.

Gear that Doesn’t Suck

I’ve been finding myself using my JetBoil stove more and more lately when I’m at different places. At the USPSA Range Officer class I took last month I used to to make hot soup and coffee while everyone else was getting fast food or sandwiches. During the big ice storm that we had back in January and we were without power for a couple days and this thing really saved the day. I was able to boil water, make hot cocoa, soup, coffee, and whatever else we wanted. Serious butt saver.

Just a couple weeks ago, I picked up a french press for it, and now my mobile coffee making setup is complete. I can make a killer cup of coffee anywhere, in about 5 minutes.

If you’re in a place where you might lose power or if you’ve ever wanted to make a good cup of coffee at a match, consider picking one up, it definitely doesn’t suck.

Dryfire Drill of the Week

This past week I’ve been messing around with shooting some close targets really fast, and then transitioning and shooting a small target accurately. I’ve been setting up like 3 or 4 targets at about 7 yards, and then transitioning 90* to a pepper popper and really making sure I’m getting my hits on the popper. You could also do it with just a head box on a target or something like that.


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  1. Hey Luke, re: the JetBoil, I’ve had one for maybe a decade now, like it very much. In very cold weather (sub-freezing) it does not work great, however. If you can get it lit, it never seems to generate any heat (e.g., takes forever, if ever, to boil water). Maybe not an issue in NC, but was a definite problem in winter camping in New England (I know, I know, my son was in the Boy Scouts). Other than that, great little package, and it packs up nice and small (fuel, etc., fits inside), loved it for motorcycle camping. –Andrew

    • Interesting. I used it outside here in sub freezing temps during the ice storm without any heating issues, but it did take a few more clicks to get it lit. What fuel were you using?

  2. If I were King, I’d mandate email and Google Calendar training.

    When I was starting out, I drove 90 minutes to a steel match, then sat outside the locked gate for another 45 minutes — before I found out the organizers had decided to go shoot 3-gun instead.

    A couple months later, it happened again.

    Last year, I was suddenly freed of kid obligations. Checking a USPSA club’s calendar, I saw a USPSA match on Saturday morning.

    After a 100 minute drive, I found myself in the middle of a big points match instead of the club match I was expecting — and 90 minutes too late to join in.

    Gee, thanks for keeping that calendar current. And for making it hard to get on club email lists (hint: Tinyletter.com).

    C’mon guys — email was new in the 1980s, even gun guys should have mastered it by now.

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