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Can I Dryfire Accuracy to Get Better at Long Shots?

Russ in Pensacola sends in today’s Q&A voicemail asking about how to get better at shooting small targets at distance.

I do dryfire some slow fire accuracy stuff from time to time, but it really requires you to be honest with yourself about where the sights are landing when you’re breaking the trigger. I rack the slide, get a hard sight picture, and work on breaking the trigger without disturbing the sights. It’s kind of hard because you’re not getting any feedback, other than the minimal movement of the sights if there is any.

I also think most people could probably spend a bit more time shooting groups in live fire too. If you can’t shoot 10 rounds at 20 yards and put them all in the head box, you’ve got something to work on.

Lastly, make sure you know exactly where your sights are hitting at distance. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that your sights could be hitting several inches high or low at 20 yards, which could cause a bit of grief trying to get those head shots in.

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