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What Should an IDPA Shooter Expect at a USPSA Match?

Bill in Hotlanta sends in today’s Q&A podcast voicemail asking what he should expect at his first USPSA match as a long time IDPA shooter.

You may have heard that USPSA shooters are all about speed, and don’t care so much about accuracy. That’s false, especially shooting minor power factor. What I’ve found is that (at least around these parts) the talent pool is a little deeper at USPSA matches, which is awesome if you’re looking to get better.

You’ll have to get used to not doing slide lock reloads in USPSA. Generally, if you’re doing a slide lock reload, you’re doing something wrong. I’ve maybe planned one or two on weird stages over the past couple years.

The other weird thing for me was getting used to moving into a port or something and posting up right in the middle and engaging targets instead of pieing the corners and using cover.

I think you’ll have a good time, let me know how it goes.

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