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“I Only Compete Against Myself”

I’ve noticed a trend of people on the internet talking to folks interested in competitive shooting, and constantly telling them “I only compete against myself”. I think the problem is two fold:

  • People interested in competitive shooting might be interested in being competitive, so telling them that you don’t really compete isn’t a great thing. If you’re just there for the fun of it, that’s fine, but I can tell you that if they took away the scores, I’d find another hobby.
  • I think telling people this is a crutch that folks use as an excuse for sucking. It’s setting up the idea that you don’t care about how you do, so when you don’t perform to the level that you should, you’ve already built up the idea that you don’t care. I bet you care.

The News

Oklahoma CCW instructors have their panties in a wad about Constitutional Carry.

Harris Publications is shutting down. These folks are the publishers of a bunch of gun magazines (and a bunch of other magazines as well).

An 11 year old kid in Talladega, Alabama shot a home invader with a 9mm pistol. Interestingly, the kid was able to get the news media to run a positive story about a defensive shooting, which is something that never happens. Good on him, I’m glad he was able to defend himself.

Gear That Doesn’t Suck

I had some spring clamps in my trunk that saved my range trip on Sunday. I’ve had them in my trunk since the NC Sectional match last October, and when I lost my stapler, and the range stapler was empty, these suckers saved the day for holding my target to the target sticks. I wouldn’t recommend using them exclusively for holding up your targets, but in a pinch, they did a pretty decent job.

Plug of the Week

The latest episode of the Freakonomics Radio podcast was amazing. This particular episode was about deliberate practice, and it’s titled “How to be great at just about anything” and it’s a must listen if you’re interested in getting better at shooting.


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