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How do you deal with Outlaw Matches where Range Officials are Biased Towards a Different Game?

John on Raeford sends in today’s question for the Q&A podcast, asking the following question:

So I recently shot a pistol match that had very easy rules that was using time plus scoring with IDPA targets, and there was a good mixture of USPSA, and IDPA shooters. Good match, easy going, but my encounter was one of confusion. One of the ROs seemed to have an issue with people taking sight pictures at load and make ready and mentioned that in IDPA you’re not allowed to do that, which I knew… but it wasn’t an IDPA match.

It’s nice to have these matches to practice and/or shoot whatever you want, however you want. It seemed that he didn’t like the USPSA shooters shooting USPSA style (not using cover and reloading whenever). We were polite and acknowledged the statement he made but it still made me think, how else would the situation been handled? Definitely didn’t want to be rude or unsportsmanlike. How would have you handled this?

This is kind of the crux of outlaw matches. There aren’t generally a lot of rules, which can be really fun when it comes to shooting whatever you like, however you like, but it seems like most outlaw matches don’t have a ton of stuff written down (or at least distributed) regarding range procedure.

I think if you’re looking to have a good time, most outlaw matches are awesome for that, but if you’re looking for a more serious type of competition (with more rules) you’ll probably want to go to a sanctioned match. Now, there are exceptions to this, as some of the really big national type 3-gun matches are actually run under their own rules and not sanctioned by one of the big governing bodies.

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