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Mike Seeklander Q&A with Eric Grauffel

This morning Mike Seeklander posted on Instagram that he would be doing a live Q&A via Periscope with Eric Grauffel just about the time I usually take my lunch break at work. I had a question, so I decided to skip eating anything, find an empty office, and see if I couldn’t get a question or two answered.

I’m not totally familiar with Periscope (actually had to download it this morning because I’ve never used it before, but my question was the first one answered in this video. “What is a good number of skills to work on in a single practice session? Is there a point that you’re working on too many different things that you’re not learning much?”

The answer: 2-3. About one skill per 200 rounds.

That’s interesting.

The first two parts of the interview can be found on Mike’s Periscope page, and I bet they’ll be on his podcast soon.


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  1. Thanks for posting Lucas- I just found you. Cool podcast and great website!

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