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Performance Time vs. Learning Time

I kind of ripped this topic off of something I heard my wife talk about in a speech she was preparing a couple weeks ago. She’s a teacher and was talking about the difference between learning time and performance time with kids in school, and as soon as I heard it, I started wondering if this was something I should think more about in my practice as well.

I’ve been trying the whole “get bored and let your body find the fastest way to do things” thing for a while, and I feel like I’ve kind of hit a block with that, so I’m going to try having deliberate learning time, and performance time in my practice. What do you think?

Gear that Doesn’t Suck

If you’re loading ammo on a Lee press and you’re unhappy with the Lee Auto-disk powder measure, I’d really recommend the Lee Auto Drum powder measure as a replacement. It’s more accurate, doesn’t leak powder all over, and much easier for working up new loads since you just turn a little key to make the powder charge bigger/smaller.

The Blue Bullets

If you’re a competitive shooter, or someone who trains a lot, you probably complain about the price of bullets. I’ve been loading The Blue Bullets since before they were a sponsor of the show, and they’re just fantastic. They’re coated lead bullets, and they’re as accurate as anything else I’ve tried, they’re some of the lowest priced bullets I’ve ever seen, and they’re made by competitive shooters who are doing a lot to give back to the shooting sports. What’s not to love?

Check them out at thebluebullets.com and save 5% with the code “triangle” at checkout.

Plug of the Week:

Freakonomics Radio is KILLING IT this month with their recent episodes about practice and grit. Seriously, go listen to them at Freakonomics.com.


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