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When Using Cover, Should Your Gun be Canted or Straight Up and Down?

Mike in Maryland sends in today’s Q&A voicemail asking about shooting around cover in IDPA.

Mike asks if your gun should be straight up and down or canted at an angle when shooting from around cover.

I honestly wasn’t sure what the correct answer to this was, so I had to resort to some junk science to see what the deal was. I propped up my camera, and took some pictures of myself shooting around cover into a spare bedroom.

Here’s what it looked like: (For you IDPA SO’s out there, yeah, I’m leaning out just a bit far. I’ll take the procedural.)


As you can see, my gun is angled a little bit, as are my shoulders.

When shooting from cover, you’re supposed to keep 100% of your lower body, and 50% of your upper body behind cover. Doing this will generally put you in a leaning position, with your shoulders and head angled a bit. I think the gun should probably follow the angle of your head so you’re getting the same sight picture that you’re used to.

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  1. Think that generally, canting the gun makes it harder to shoot accurately. (Who really knows how your sight picture changes at varying degrees of cant?)

    My rule of thumb is I try not to cant the gun more than a tiny bit… unless the target is close and a good sight picture isn’t needed. For example, canting the gun when shooting the IDPA Classifier (20 yards around a barrier) is a recipe for a whole lot of penalty points.

    Good question tho.

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