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A Match Misconception

One of the most common misconceptions that I hear from folks who haven’t shot competitively, is that competitive shooters shoot ammo that isn’t powerful. That isn’t really true. Factory 9mm that you’ll get from the store is going to be pretty close to the 9mm minor power factor ammo that gets loaded for competition (and some of the folks making re-man ammo don’t make it powerful enough to make power factor).

I will say that a lot of the factory .40 and .45 ammo is actually quite hot, so it’s going to be well and above what’s needed for major power factor in competition, but the competition loads aren’t light by any means.

The News

The push for permitless concealed carry has started right here in North Carolina. It’s going to require a constitutional amendment, and it’s going to be a fight, but we can do it.

GRNC has the details here.


I recently got my hands on some of the “other guys” bullets in a trade with a friend. The difference in consistency between them and my Blue Bullets was surprisingly large. With the Blue Bullets I don’t have issues with the coating chipping off, or getting half-cast bulelts, and things like that, which was surprisingly common with these other coated bullets I received from my friend.

I’ve been shooting Blue Bullets since long before they were a sponsor of the show, and they make a product that I really believe it. Check them out at thebluebullets.com and use the code triangle at checkout to save 5%.

Plug of the Week

Just a heads up for the local listeners: Andrew Branca is coming back to Raleigh on August 7th for an NC Law of Self Defense seminar. I’ve taken this class, and read his book, and highly recommend it. Use the code triangle at checkout and you’ll save 10% on the price of the class.

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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. Factory UMC 357 magnum 125 grain at about 1450 fps: 181 pf.
    My 9 major 115 grain load at about 1540: 176 PF. Now tell me again how we shoot wimpy ammo hahaha? That’s pretty close to the same I would say.

    I absolutely agree with what you are saying here and hear it all the time. It is such a pain to have to tell these people that they are wrong, because a lot of the time they just don’t want to hear it.. they argue that they are right and we shoot light ammo but when an actual competition shooter comes and tries to explain to them otherwise they insist I am wrong. Fun times.

    Good episode!

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