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What’s the Deal with Bullet Weights in Practical Shooting?

Mike in Maryland sends in today’s Q&A voicemail asking about the different bullet weights that people use in practical shooting.

In both IDPA SSP and ESP, and USPSA Production minor power factor 9mm is the name of the game. You’ll see most people who reload shooting either 124 or 147gr bullets. I shoot 125’s from The Blue Bullets, and I haven’t really had a reason to switch to 147s, although a LOT of folks like them.

The heavier bullets make the gun recoil a little differently, and they tend to push down steel targets with a little more authority than 115gr bullets. If you’re still shooting factory ammo, I’d just shoot whatever is cheapest, and when you decide to start reloading, you can basically load whatever weight you want for way less than the factory ammo you were buying before, so try some different weights, and shoot what you like the best.

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