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Can I Use Less Than Division Capacity in IDPA SSP?

Dustin in Greensboro sends in today’s Q&A podcast voicemail asking about shooting a gun in IDPA SSP that isn’t able to hold the required 10 rounds.

Dustin wants to shoot his Ruger LC9s in IDPA, but his match director gets weird about people shooting in CCP and BUG division. He feels like he’s being “that guy” and wants to just shoot the same gun in SSP to keep things from being weird.

The short answer is yes. The IDPA rulebook (3.11.1) says that you can shoot a gun that isn’t able to hold enough ammo for division capacity as long as it’s loaded to maximum capacity.

Now that that’s out of the way, I feel like I need to address the thing Dustin said about his Match Director being weird about people shooting CCP and BUG divisions with little guns. BUG division is REQUIRED to be recognized per the IDPA rules at all club matches, and I honestly can’t understand why he’s getting so bent out of shape about this.

I’ve spent my fair share of time running the timer at a match, and I’ve never been the least bit concerned because someone pulls out small pistol vs. a larger one as long as they’re being safe with it.

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  1. Lucas, I take umbrage to your statement that Dustin should not shoot his CCP pistol in SSP because he won’t be competitive against the guys shooting Glock 34/35 (actually he should be shooting his CCP pistol in CCP division, but that is a DIFFERENT discussion ).

    Dustin is not shooting in IDPA to win at playing IDPA. From his voicemail, Dustin’s goal is to get more trigger time with his LC9 (and more drawing time, more reloading time, etc).

    I remember a previous podcast episode where you said that YOU shot competitively in order to be competitive (and potentially to win). If I recall correctly, you said that those shooter’s who just “shot for fun” were selling themselves short (or otherwise not making the most of their circumstances) in the competitive opportunity that IDPA or USPSA represent.

    Yes, you are running the podcast from the Co petite shooting perspective (vice CCW, etc). Yes, you have your own motivation for shooting. Please don’t ascribe that motivation to others.

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