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Should I Sort My Pistol Brass by Headstamp?

Jeff in Holly Springs sends in today’s Q&A podcast voicemail asking about whether or not to sort pistol brass by headstamp to get more consistent ammo.

Welp, I’ve never done it, but I don’t feel like it’s necessary. Shooting my Glock 34 off a rest at 20 yards using my non-sorted, mixed headstamp brass reloads, my gun will consistently group at 3″ or less, with the smallest group I measured being riiiiight about 2″.

For the shooting I do, a gun that’ll mechanically do 2″ at 20y is good enough. Would my groups shrink if I sorted the brass by headstamp? Maybe, but I think when I account for the added time involved in doing so, it’s probably not worth it.

Now I am a little interested though, I’ll probably load up some ammo this week and shoot same headstamp against mixed headstamp ammo off a rest to see if there’s even an accuracy difference.

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