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Should I Buy a Glock 17?

Keith sends in today’s Q&A podcast question asking about whether or not he should buy a Glock 17 for competition.


I am not new to shooting but I will be new to competitive shooting here in the coming weeks. Your podcast has peaked my interest in competitive shooting. I am a good not a great shot, I am considering getting a G17 for matches. I currently own a 19 and a 43. My question is do I need a 17 to makeup for my lack of consistent accuracy with my G19? Will a G17 give me improved accuracy with a longer barrel and sight radius, whatever that means exactly. Also, I put Truglo TFO’s on my Glocks recently will the new sights push me over the hump from the cheap factory Glock sights? Have you heard any issues with them breaking, or falling out, or is this not common unless you put thousands upon thousands, of rounds down range?


Personally, I wouldn’t recommend buying a gun for competition before your first match. Your Glock 19 is more than adequate for getting started in competition with, so I’d recommend just shooting that for a bit. Who knows, after shooting a couple matches you might decide you want one of those fancy CZ’s or a Tanfoglio, or something else, so there’s no reason to buy now.


As far as the TFO sights, I know years ago there were a lot of guys running them around here, and I heard several stories about the fiber optic part of the sight coming loose and falling out, but I suspect that they’ve improved the design since I haven’t heard anyone complaining about it in several years.

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