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Dillon 550 for Beginners?

Russ in Florida sends in today’s Q&A podcast question asking if it would be smart to start reloading on a Dillon 550.

I think you can start on a Dillon 550, but…

I’ve said in the past that I think the Lee 4-hole Turret Press is about the best way to get started reloading, and I still agree with that, to an extent. I think the hardest part about starting with something like a Dillon 550 is the setup. It’s not a complicated press, but there’s a LOT more going on at each lever pull than there is on a turret press, and that can make things a little more frustrating to get setup.

The biggest factor here would be if you have a reloading mentor that can help you get the press setup. If you do, then running the press isn’t really all that complicated, it’s just knowing how to set it up, and diagnose issues when they arise.

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  1. I agree because there is a bit of a learning curve to reloading on the progressives. Having a mentor would indeed make things a little bit easier in the set-up process and to learn the “idiosyncrasies” of progressive reloading presses.

    Having said that, I did first start reloading on a Dillon 650 many years ago with no prior knowledge or help in reloading.

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