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What Do You Do With Reject Ammo?

David in Illinois sends in today’s Q&A show question asking about what to do with reject ammo, and reject brass.

I’m bad about dealing with reject ammo I chuck it in a little box that says “REJECTS” on it, and every once in a while I’ll get a wild hair and pull the bullets, so I can re-use them and the powder.

I’ve got one of the hammer type pullers, so pulling apart loaded ammo in any quantity really sucks.

I’ve actually considered getting a cheap single stage press to put a collet puller in to make things a little easier. I probably will the next time I’m pulling bullets and get frustrated.

David also mentioned that he’s sorting his brass by headstamp and discarding certain headstamps that give him trouble. I’d hate to throw away all the brass from several headstamps, so I’d probably trade it off to someone who can use it. Maybe get on a local shooting forum or something, someone will want it.

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