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Thoughts After 6 Years of Competitive Shooting

Hey there, it’s late at night, and I’m going to bed. Full shownotes with links to all the stuff I talk about in this episode will be available sometime Monday, maybe around mid-day/early afternoon.

As of sometime this month, hit my 6 year competitive shooting anniversary. In just 6 years Ive been witness to a lot of changes in the shooting sports, both locally and on the national level. 

I think the biggest change I’ve seen has been the advent of match pre-registration and digital scoring with Practiscore and other apps. These have reduced the job of the stats officer at matches by a huge amount, and I think digital scoring has probably been the best change to the shooting sports that I’ve seen.

On the local level, there have been a lot of changes as well. Back when I started shooting, IDPA ruled the local landscape as there was only 1 USPSA match locally. Over the last couple years we’ve seen some IDPA matches come and go, and many new USPSA matches pop up. In about an hour drive from Raleigh, there are now 5 USPSA matches every month that I can think of off the top of my head. 

I’ve changed as well. I was one of those “I only want to get better with my carry gear” guys for a while, and I’ve since embraced competition, and become a gamer through and through.


A woman in Arizona was able to successfully draw her gun while being held at gunpoint by a bad guy. The internet would have you believe that this is always an impossible task, but I think it’s important to not rule out a tactic for every situation when there may well be a situation when that’s your only option. Action beats reaction.

Last week a man in Alaska was able to dispatch an 800lb Brown Bear that was charging him with 5 shots from his Glock 20, 10mm. As he was backing away, he tripped, fell, and shot himself in the foot. I can totally understand how that could happen in this situation. It’s a whole lot better than getting mauled by 800lb mama bear. 

The Rio Olympics have been all over the news for the past few weeks for violence, muggings, body parts washing ashore, and horrible living conditions in the Olympic village, but there’s one headline we can all be proud of: the first Gold Medal awarded at the 2016 games was for the 10m Air Rifle, and it was won by American Ginny Thrasher. If you listen closely, you can hear liberals screaming about it.

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