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What Do You Do During the Walkthrough on Short, Simple Stages?

CJ in Tejas sends in today’s Q&A voicemail asking about what to do during walkthrough time on really short, simple stages that only have one way to shoot them. Keep walking through for the whole 5 minutes, or not?

Thought of another while at work.

What do you do if a stage is so easy, or perhaps there is only one way to shoot it, that you have the plan down before the end of the five minute walk through?

Do you stop and visualize it off to the side, or do you continue to walk it?

If you continue to walk it are you concerned you might second guess something and change it at the last minute?

C. J. in Tejas

I think I continue to walk through until I’m totally satisfied of my stage plan.

Too many times I’ve made a stupid mistake trying to initiate a reload when I don’t need to, or not initiating a reload when I should have, etc.

It’s only 5 minutes, so I don’t think walking through a small, simple stage 10 times is probably going to make a difference.

I’ve started even visualizing classifiers through the first few shooters, I’ll stand off kilter from the like a little bit, and work on moving with the buzzer, and stuff as soon as the buzzer goes off for the shooters on their run.

I’ve also found a lot of these small, easy, simple stages sometimes have a way to shoot them that isn’t obvious. Several times I’ve been at a match, shot a stage the most obvious way only to have a much better, awesomer shooter smoke me by shooting the stage in an even more obvious way that I hadn’t thought of.

I say, keep walking through, watching the better shooters walk through, and then shoot it the way you’ve planned. I usually screw up big time when I change the plan later on.

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